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Stress Management

Stress management (CBT for PTSD)

  • CBT for post-traumatic stress is an evidence-based practice with a goal of resulting in positive long-term lifestyle changes for participants. The Stress Management group is a 15 week program consisting of two groups a week for one hour each in an outpatient level of care.

Stress management (CBT for PTSD) is:

  • Provides an integrative treatment for co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorders.
  • Strength based: based on a long line of research including prolonged-expose based treatments for PTSD and other cognitive restructuring approaches accessing the principles of positive psychology while teaching how to regulate distressing emotions  associated with  past experiences.
  • Symptom management based: focuses on the symptoms associated with trauma and PTSD, and less on the substance use or actual trauma
  • Cognitive-based: It helps identify thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions that have permeated the individual’s life. Examples include: “I can’t trust anyone” or “It was all my fault” and even “I am not safe anywhere.” The program teaches individuals to examine the accuracy of these thoughts and beliefs and to challenge and change them.
  • Focus on the present and future: Rather than dwelling on the past or the distant causes of a problem, participants focus on what is happening now, guided by the goals or changes the individual would like to make for the future.
  • Carried into your home life: Homework is assigned and symptoms are assessed weekly. Therapists help the individual learn, apply and master the skills while practicing the skills in his or her personal life.


Stress Management services are offered at our Brookhaven location:

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