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Parenting in Recovery

Key Recovery provides specialty services designed to assist parents who are in the stages of recovery. Our program offers guidance on effectively in setting limits with children, creating a safe home environment, and strategies to reengage in the family system in their sobriety. This 10-week program meets weekly for 90 minutes in an outpatient or IOP level of care and is accepted by CYS.

Parenting in Recovery aims to address:

  • Guilt and shame as it presents in parenting
  • The importance of self-forgiveness and developing healthy relationships with family
  • 12 steps of recovery alongside 12 steps of parenting
  • The importance of structure, boundaries and limit-setting to help in developing healthy relationships
  • Effective communication skills, expressing feelings and validating the shared experiences through the eyes of recovery
  • Positive discipline and effective reinforcement
  • Understand developmentally appropriate expectations of the child’s behavior
  • The importance of self-care and family time
  • Developmentally appropriate ways to talk about addiction and recovery with children


Parenting in Recovery is provided in Brookhaven:

Key Recovery Center-Brookhaven
5000 Hilltop Drive
Brookhaven, PA 19015
(484) 490-1060

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