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Illness Management and Recovery (IMR)

IMR supports individuals in their recovery process by providing evidence-based programming and information about mental illnesses and coping skills to aid in:

  • Managing an illnesses
  • Identify and develop personally meaningful goals
  • Make informed treatment decisions

Why participate in IMR?

Education about mental illnesses is the foundation of informed decision-making. The more people understand the basic facts about their mental illnesses, the better equipped they are to speak for themselves and take an active role in their recovery. Practitioners help consumers build social networks  and engage supporters in activities that promote recovery and learn to identify early warning signs to prevent relapses. Clients learn new strategies to help them manage their symptoms, cope with stress, and improve their lives.

The average IMR treatment lasts 3-9 months and consists of weekly or biweekly sessions, 60-90 minutes each, as clinically appropriate.


Illness Management and Recovery services are offered at our Brookhaven location:

Key Recovery Center-Brookhaven
5000 Hilltop Drive
Brookhaven, PA 19015
(484) 490-1060

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