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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an evidence-based type of cognitive-behavioral therapy often showing positive long-term lifestyle changes for participants.

This program is typically held weekly for up to 6 months, and includes individual and group therapy held in an outpatient setting. Clients who benefit from the DBT program can graduate from the skills group, then re-enroll, or continue with just DBT individual sessions as their schedule permits.

DBT is:

  • Support-oriented:  It can help individuals identify and build upon their strengths increasing their overall outlook on life.
  • Cognitive-based: DBT helps identify thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions that can increase life challenges. For example, thoughts like, “I have to be perfect at everything” or “If I get angry, I’m a terrible person” can be positively altered, resulting in statements like, “I don’t need to be perfect at things for people to care about me,” or “Everyone gets angry; it’s a normal emotion.”
  • Collaborative: Treatment requires constant attention to relationships between clients and staff. Individuals are encouraged to work out problems in their relationships with their therapist and the therapists to do the same with them.
  • Carried into your home life: DBT asks people to complete homework assignments, often role playing new ways of interacting with others, and practicing skills such as soothing yourself when upset. These skills, a crucial part of DBT, are taught in weekly lectures, reviewed in weekly homework groups, and referred  to in nearly every group. The individual therapist helps the person to learn, apply and master the DBT skills while the individual practices the skills in his or her personal life.


DBT is offered in our Brookhaven location:

Key Recovery Center-Brookhaven
5000 Hilltop Drive
Brookhaven, PA 19015
(484) 490-1060

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