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Relapse Prevention Therapy

Key Recovery’s Relapse Prevention Therapy is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group based on SAMHSA’s evidence-based practice guidelines for relapse prevention. Typically, this is a 12 week program, consisting of 60-90 minute sessions in an outpatient setting.

Goals of Relapse Prevention Group

  • Develop coping skills to manage urges and craving
  • Enhance self-control
  • Allow clients to interact with other people in recovery
  • Alert clients to the pitfalls of recovery, manage high risk situations and recognize precursors of relapse
  • Give clients the strategies and tools to use in sustaining recovery
  • Stay engaged in treatment even after a relapse
  • Learn damage control techniques to minimize negative consequences during lapse
  • Allow clients to benefit ¬†from participating in a long-term group experience


Relapse Prevention Therapy is offered at our Brookhaven location.

Key Recovery Center-Brookhaven
5000 Hilltop Drive
Brookhaven, PA 19015
(484) 490-1060

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