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Trauma Informed Anger Management

Trauma informed Anger management for Substance Use integrates the principles of CBT and DBT

Length and Style of Treatment

  • 12 week program that meets one time a week for 2 hours
  • To be used in groups of no more than 10 teens o   Can be done as lOP or OP LOC
  • Meets the requirements of the JPO anger management course

Trauma informed  Anger management  for Substance Use is…

  • Support-oriented: It helps a person identify  how their anger was/is  a strength and survival skill but explores how this is now negatively affecting their current lives within  relationships, the law or substance use.
  • Cognitive-based: helps identify thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions that reinforce  anger and aggressive behaviors. Through chain analysis they can see how they can change their thoughts to lead to alternative behaviors. The group helps explore ways to manage their anger more affectively, to develop self control over their thoughts  and actions and how to receive support from others. Cognitive restricting and exploring cognitive distortions are also done regarding anger and violence.
  • Trauma informed: topics such as family history of anger, completing genograms and exploring such topics as trust and betrayal,power and control and the physiology of anger are explored. The teens are educated on mindfulness and given skills to help them identify ways to “calm their physiology”.
  • Carried into your home life: The teens are asked to complete homework assignments, to role­ play new ways of interacting with others, and to practice skills such as soothing yourself when upset.
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