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Family Therapy

Addiction does not operate in a vacuum. It is a problem that very much impacts not only the addict but also anyone who cares about the addict. As the addiction progresses and addictive behaviors escalate, loved ones suffer as well. Often, loved ones will develop their own issues as a result of having to deal on a daily basis with an active addict. It is important, therefore, to treat not only the addict but the entire family.

KeyStone Center’s Family Therapy Program offers patients and their families a chance to work on family issues while the client is in treatment. Family members are given an opportunity to discuss how the addiction has impacted the family and issues that may have been “swept under the rug” are brought out and clarified.

Patients are offered support before, during, and after the family sessions by means of group and individual therapy. In addition to attending family sessions, family members are encouraged to attend KeyStone’s free family support group on Wednesday evenings. This group is for family members only and offers an opportunity for honest sharing. In addition, family members are able to recognize that they are not alone in dealing with this problem. Family members are able to continue on in the group even after their loved one is discharged from treatment.

Family issues are vital to properly treating a patient’s addiction, and can include anything from past abuse, grief, dysfunctional dynamics and family history of substance abuse.

KeyStone Center’s Family Therapy Program also trains master’s and doctoral level interns who are able to help families and patients work through this difficult period.

Through family sessions, individual sessions, and numerous groups on family issues, patients are better able to gain a true understanding of addiction as a family disease, and how to manage the changes that are necessary for a healthy recovery.

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