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Alumni Testimonials

“KeyStone broke down the steps so simply that it seemed impossible to fail.”
– Moira

“KeyStone has given me back my sanity and my life, thanks to KeyStone and staff I now have my family back. Peace and Blessings.” – Steven

“KeyStone has given me my life and relationships back, with a hope to live a new life.”
– Brittany

“KeyStone gave me my life back that I lost when I had my first drink at age 14. I can stand on my own and be proud of who I am. Thanks to KeyStone and especially Nick.” – Calley

“KeyStone was the flash of light I had been searching for in previous rehabs. I kid you not when I say that when I came through the doors it was the calmness and the knowledge that gave me strength to keep the calmness when I left. My life has been returned! Thank You!”– Bryan

“The Freedom group counselors completely changed my life.” Megan

“KeyStone Center saved my life. The Freedom group was my salvation that gave me the foundation to face life on life’s terms.” – Joe

“I had wonderful counselors at KeyStone that really showed me the difference that recovery has in life and to start a new life. They helped me see the changes I needed to make and to focus on my recovery. The Counselors really made a difference and they really changed me from the inside out. On a scale from one to ten, they were a ten.” – KeyStone Alumni

“I thought the KeyStone Center provided superb treatment. The care I received in Detox and the extensive work in stressing the steps as the program of recovery. I also felt the counselors genuinely cared!”– Frank

Alumni Resources
Addiction Resource Guide
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Gamblers Anonymous
American Society for Addiction Medicine
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism(NIDA)
National Institute on Drug Abuse(NIDA)
Southeastern Pennsylvania Intergroup Association of AA Meeting

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