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Message from the CEO

Since KeyStone Center was established in 1985, we have been dedicated to providing the best care for the individuals and families in need of our services.

I am a firm believer that reputations are difficult to earn, but easy to lose. As a result, the multi-disciplinary staff at KeyStone Center strives to deliver cutting edge, empirically sound treatment methodologies so that our clients can receive the highest quality care available.

KeyStone Center is committed to achieving recovery and maximizing the change process for clients in the safest, most clinically effective and ethically sound manner possible. Respect for the patient’s experiences, worldview, strengths and personal goals is paramount in our programs. The delivery of services is determined by the specific needs of the clients and others invested in their treatment, using the best, evidence-based therapeutic practices currently available.

In recognition of the diversity within the treatment population and in response to their varying needs, KeyStone Center has developed programming with the goals of eliciting internal motivation, addressing current problems, developing a solid Aftercare/Relapse Prevention Plan and establishing medical and emotional stability.

Our services are characterized by such elements as:

  • The importance of individual diversity and experiences.
  • Accurately assessing and delivering targeted interventions based on the client’s motivational level and readiness for change.
  • Emphasis on the effective use of therapeutic tools in a short period of time.
  • Focus on working with the client’s present and future situation, resources, and strengths, rather than overemphasis on the past and maintaining a problem-oriented approach.
  • A trauma informed milieu, which includes supportive, professional staff and a peer interaction process, which fosters growth.
  • Well-integrated Relapse Prevention strategies to optimize successful post-treatment recovery through tailored interventions with formal and informal aftercare planning and support system linkage.

With an unwavering dedication to Service Excellence, we remain committed to quality improvement so that we may continue to provide the best care for the individuals and families who pass through our doors seeking help. We will continue to collaborate with our providers, payers, and the community to provide a comprehensive continuum of care to maintain KeyStone Center as a leading provider of behavioral health services in the region.

I encourage you to contact us at any time to schedule an assessment or to learn more about our programs.

Elizabeth Conlin, Psy.D.
Interim – Chief Executive Officer

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