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For Families

Thank you for entrusting your loved one to our care. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with important information about our treatment facility. Upon admission, patients receive a psychiatric evaluation and a full physical examination. Following these assessments, our team will determine the most appropriate level of care and begin developing a treatment plan.

Your loved one will be given a great deal of care while in our treatment facility. At KeyStone Center all clients participate in educational and therapeutic groups, designed to assist them in increasing their understanding of addiction and to facilitate their personal journey toward recovery. Our staff helps clients identify triggers – both within themselves and within their environment – and work with them to develop appropriate coping skills to be used to prevent relapse from occurring.

We believe that having family (as well as other sober supports) participate in treatment leads to the best outcomes, so we offer individual family therapy and a family education/support group. The group is held every Wednesday from 6:00 – 7:30pm at our outpatient facility in Brookhaven, and we strongly encourage you to participate.

We ask that you remember that participating in treatment is often an overwhelming experience for your loved one so he or she will require a great deal of support from you both while in treatment as well as upon successful completion. Supporting a person through treatment can be challenging. At times, real support may not be what your loved one wants but please give it to them anyway.

We expect that every person entering treatment will possess varying degrees of motivation. As treatment becomes more difficult, that motivation may be tested. As a result, there may be a time when he or she will call asking to be picked up or to be allowed to leave because things have become difficult to manage. We are here as a resource to assist you and provide reassurance during these difficult moments. It is important that everyone entering treatment remains involved in activities and completes goals successfully. If a client is attempting to leave treatment before they have completed it can be very detrimental to their long-term recovery journey. Always remember the reasons that your loved one required treatment and support them in completing treatment.

If you are ever in need of assistance, please call 610-876-9000 x419 to reach a member of the inpatient treatment team.

Once again we understand your concern for your family member and we hope to validate your trust in us to provide treatment and assist in the journey of recovery. Thank you for choosing KeyStone Center.


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